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Valley View Lounge Menu


Super Nachos $12.50

Pulled pork or ground beef, tomatoes, onions, olives, jalapenos and blended cheddar and mozzarella cheese

Vegetable Tempura $8

with wasabi soy sauce

Bleu Cheese Bacon Dip $10.50

with warm pita bread

Potato Meat Mini Bombs $8

with poblano mayonnaise

Cheese Quesadillas $6.75

Add Veggies $1.50 Chicken $2.75

Chicken Tenders and Steak Fries $10

Calamari $12

with spicy maple chili sauce


with marinara sauce

Alpine Wings $10

Bbq Sauce, Hot, or Inferno

Warm Bleu Cheese and Chips $7



Dressings and Vinaigrettes:

Balsamic, Champagne, Italian, Sesame Soy, Strawberry, French, Bleu Cheese, and Ranch

Add to any of your favorite salads:

Chicken $3.00 Shrimp $6.50

Caesar Salad $9

House Salad $4.50

Mix Greens, tomatoes, onions, carrots, cucumbers and choice of dressing

Roasted Beets and Goat Cheese $10

Arugula, warm goat cheese, roasted beets, timbales, and choice of dressing

Valley Flyer $12.50

Warm chicken, broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprout, kale, spinach, dried fruits tossed in Kumquat vinaigrette

Warm Vegetable $11

Charred grilled peppers, broccoli, onions, squash, tomato with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic reduction.

Bibb Lettuce $10

with gooseberries, candied nuts, goat cheese, and yuzu vinaigrette

Iceberg $8

Bleu cheese crumbles, artisan tomatoes, bacon bits, house made croutons, and choice of dressing

Turkey BLT Wrap $11

Mix greens, diced tomatoes, bacon, havarti cheese and ancho chili buttermilk dressing

The Protein Wrap $12

Spinach, quinoa, grilled chicken, cashews, diced tomatoes and sesame soy vinaigrette


Consuming raw or undercooked foods increases the risk food born illness

All sandwiches are accompanied by homemade chips

Add fries to any sandwich $1.25

Alpine Burger $10

½lb Black Angus steak burger served on a kaiser roll ADD Cheese $.50

Cali Burger $11.25

Fresh jalapenos, avocados and jalapeno bacon ADD Cheese $.50

Blackened Bleu Cheese Burger $12

Black Bean Burger and Crispy Portabella $10.50

with mix greens, gruyer cheese, poblano pepper mayonnaise on a wheat bun

Turkey Panini $11

Slice turkey breast, applewood bacon, tomatoes, apricot preserve and muenster cheese

Cheesy Ham Mushroom Panini $8

Grilled Chicken Caprese $10

Grilled chicken, sliced fresh mozzarela, tomatoes, pesto and balsamic reduction

Southwest Grilled Chicken $11

with green peppers, onions, cheese curds, avocado and spicy chili mayonnaise

Fried Grouper $12

with yuzu jalapeno mayonnaise

Light Fares

Serve Till 4PM

Alpine Pot Roast $11

WI White Cheddar Mac N Cheese with Chicken $12

Chicken Alfredo $11


16” pizzas

4 Cheese Pizza $18

Pepperoni or Sausage $20


Local Corner

Local corner items are accompanied by homemade chips Add fries for $1.25

Hometown Sausage (East Troy, WI) Cheesehead Brat $6

Chorizo Sausage $6