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     Alpine Valley Resort's 3 terrain parks; Sheltered Valley (large), Mohawk (medium), and Alpine (small) are open! AVR's Park Crew is always working hard to maintain, build, and dream up new interesting features.

Last update: 3/18/17

      Mother nature has blessed us with snow and cold weather this week! However; it is too little, to late for the Shelter Park, as it is out of comission. The time saved on setting up the Shelter park has been spent on loading the Mohawk trail with jibs. So get out here for what will likely be the last day of the year! A big thanks to the terrain park and snow crew for making this a great season despite the weather!

Always inspect every feature or jump before using them.

-Shelter park features: TRAIL CLOSED.

-Mohawk park features: hand rail, A-frame, flatbar, sausage, donkey rail, down flat down rail, a corrugated tube, waterfall rail, and more!

-Alpine park features:  No features at this time.