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     Alpine Valley Resort's 3 terrain parks; Sheltered Valley (large), Mohawk (medium), and Alpine (small) are open! AVR's Park Crew is always working hard to maintain, build, and dream up new interesting features.

Last update: 2/19/17

  All new flyovers from Friday morning are up! Plenty of snow.... Come shred it while you still can! Features remain very similar to the flyovers on Friday, however; most of the takeoffs on shelter simply have become too soft and unusable... so the takeoffs got plowed into rollers. Always inspect every feature or jump before using them.

-Shelter park features:  Many large rollers, 1 medium jump,, 2 sausage rails, a double kink, A-frame, a wallride. Shelter Flyover 2/17/17

-Mohawk park feaures: The top of mohawk still has some rollers leading down to the "rail yard." The bottom half of mohawk has been reconstructed with a huge variety of rails and other jibs. We added a HUGE Down-flat-down-flat-down rail that is unreal! Some other features include: z tube, handrails, donkey tube, and the waterfall rail is back in and more. Mohawk Flyover 2/4/17

-Alpine park features: Lots of benches and ride on rails. Some rollers, a medium jump, a rainbow box and some short sausage rails complete the beginner setup Alpine Park Flyover 2/17/17