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     Alpine Valley Resort's 3 terrain parks; Sheltered Valley (large), Mohawk (medium), and Alpine (small) are OPEN! AVR's Park Crew is always working hard to maintain, build, and dream up new interesting features, and will surely impress again this year.

Last update: 1/20/18

 A park rebuild was necessary due to the amount of snow that was made and that fell last week. The parks are incredible for the weekend come check them out. New flyovers of the Mohawk and Alpine parks are availible, while Shelter remains under construction this week.

 Always inspect every feature or jump before using them.

-Shelter park features: No features as of yet, Boardercross course under construction for USASA race next weekend.

-Mohawk park features: Full park, top to bottom, including:  various rails and boxes.  There is a small jump at the bottom and a butter box. Click/Tap here for the latest Mohawk Flyover.

-Alpine park features:  Full park top to bottom, including:  2 jumps and assorted boxes and rails.  We think you will love this run, all of your favorite boxes are here!! Click/Tap here for the latest Alpine park Flyover.